A few of your lines stopped me in my tracks:

“Think about the dystopian premise of Black Mirror’s episode, Nosedive, in which a person’s life must be entertaining enough, they must be nice and accommodating enough, a good citizen connected to other good and dazzling citizens in order to be rated highly and gain privileges in society.”

I think about this a lot in regard to book deals for example. Publishers won’t even take to heart the content or potency of one’s writing unless they already have a turnkey audience ready and willing to buy.

Exactly the producer/consumer binary you referenced.

“I just know that when some of the suggestions I mentioned above work, they really really work, and it’s beautiful to see.”

Agreed when we show up together - rise together. we dismantle the scarcity/competition that capitalism desires and needs to thrive. I recently started including a community corner in my newsletters for that reason.

This piece’s clarity, community focus and actionable defense in the face of oppressive systems reminds me of the writings of bell hooks. Thank you for the read. This needs to be shared far and wide.

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