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I'm Sharon. I'm an essayist, curator, and educator tethering art, wonder, magic, ecology, spirituality, and culture together through frameworks of philosophy, enchantment, and cultural theory. Other more personal perspectives and experiences I work from are that I am queer and genderfluid; I’m a high school dropout and I worked at the stoves in upscale restaurant kitchens for 17 years, but have a bachelor’s degree now and have spent the last 15 years working in the arts; I’m neurodivergent, chronically ill, and disabled; and I’m working to research and better understand my multiple, varied, and complicated cultural lineages (mostly white-identified European-American), beginning with Irish- and Scottish-American lineages. My interest is in the way these deeply interconnected themes form confluences and expressions of both life and knowledge that shape our contemporary lives; especially when nurtured in community, conversations, and connectivity. I may talk a big game here, but to see me raving with Steller’s Jays in the early morning while they peck at their hazelnuts and I drink my coffee and the squirrels chide us both is to truly know me.

Dimensions Variable is a weekly essay delivered to your inbox that offers you a window into what I'm working on. Here, I share my works-in-progress and streams of thought, research, resources, and reflections on the themes shared in the paragraphs above. Every month, I approach a different topic that I find timely and relevant on intersecting artistic, philosophical, political, spiritual, and cultural scales. This project actually began in 2022 with a discussion-based seminar series hosted on Discord titled Beyond the Altar. The seminar series was a way of sharing bits of the research I was using for my writing, which I posted on Patreon, and we would discuss in depth in Discord (the Discord still exists for those interested!). These essays on Substack are now meant to offer the writing and conversation in a more accessible and open way with occasional prompts and an invitation for further research for those who are looking to dive a little deeper.

My hope with the writing on Dimensions Variable is that in pulling together seemingly disparate threads across a broad spectrum of disciplines, social spheres, and platforms from essays, books, and academic papers to podcasts, movies, television, and memes; these patterns of connectivity become apparent and exciting to you too, and that collectively we can all begin to bring together a multitude of ways of thinking, living, and being that modern and postmodern systems and structures have severed and set apart. It is in the bringing together again, and coming together to do it (in my opinion) that we will truly begin to see the work of liberation come to fruition.

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